Our quality takes shape through people who command their trade: our specialists! All specialists of EWS Group have compulsory professional qualifications and are updated about all applicable legislation. Our specialists also keep their knowledge up-to-date through regular training, courses and continued training. This guarantees a professional method of working and a focus on the safety of people and planet.

EWS Group possesses the following certificates

EWS Group is a member of the NVPB (Dutch Pest Control Association) and the BePMA (Belgian Pest Management Association). These trade associations aims for increasing the quality and further professionalisation of the pest control trade.

As part of Gas measurement, EWS Group has been an active member of Stichting Kennis en Advies Gasmeting & Ontgassen (KAGO), the Netherlands foundation for advice on gas measurement and degassing, for many years. A board member of EWS Group is active as chairman of the KAGO foundation. In this capacity, he is involved in the developments of gas measuring and degassing in several European countries. Besides that, EWS Belgium is a part of the International Maritime Fumigation Organization (IMFO). This is an international group of independant companies that aims for worldwide standards for in-transit fumigation of stored product insects in all life-stages.

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