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Ethylene Oxide (EtO)

Ethylene oxide, often abbreviated as EtO, EO or EtOx, is an important raw material in industry and has various applications. The two most common uses for EWS are:

  • As a sterilizing agent for medical goods;
  • As a pesticide in foodstuffs.

Medical goods are often sterilized with ethylene oxide. Since this agent easily penetrates into the packaging and, unfortunately, is difficult to get out again, we often encounter residual gases in that same packaging. Even after forced ventilation of the container. Due to the low limit value, goods still have to evaporate in the warehouse after unloading, which can lead to logistical problems.

As a pesticide, ethylene oxide is applied to crops such as sesame, ginger or turmeric to ensure that they do not mold during long-term transport. Some of these raw materials are then processed into countless end products, such as bread mixes, cakes, crackers and various spice mixes.

With the SIFT-MS, EWS has the most suitable measuring equipment to detect and quantify ethylene oxide.

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