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Integrated pest management (IPM)

The procedure of EWS Pest control is based on the principles of Integrated Pest Management (IPM). The basis of IPM is formed by taking preventive measures. This limits the entry and development of pests in and around buildings to a minimum. This can include making constructional adaptations such as closing holes, cracks and poorly closing doors that offer pests the opportunity of entering buildings. Our service technicians are trained in signalling possible risk areas in and around buildings and processes. During regular checks we offer advice concerning the prevention of pests such as mice and insects.

In addition, EWS Pest control has a specialised team that can take the required (constructional) prevention measures. They examine constructional gaps in view of pest control, which enables even better anticipation of the situation on the spot. This method minimises the use of biocides. This limits the use of chemical pesticides as a last resort.

Pests and Boicides Act (PBA)
By applying IPM the PBA is immediately met. This act lays down a ban on the unlimited use of biocides. This ban applies for the contractor as well as the client. If the necessary preventive measures have been taken, biocides can be used for a limited time. Depending on the contract agreements and following up the client’s advice, separate agreements can be made.

Flora and fauna legislation
All our activities meet the basic assumptions of the Flora and Fauna Act. According to this act, birds and protected animals and plants may not be harmed. The Flora and Fauna Act can be summarised as follows:

  • All animals are protected, with the exception of the brown and black rat, the house mouse and insects;
  • Unnecessary animal suffering should be prevented.


This page offers various possibilities of finding out more about the various types of pests.

If you already know which pest you are dealing with, but require additional information, you can use our pest database. Here you can consult information about the pests in question by selecting a category.

If you cannot find the right pest, the specialists of EWS Pest control can determine its identity for you. You can print out the determination form below, complete it and send it to us including a sample or several samples of the insect and/or excrements. The samples will then be determined in our determination lab. When the identity has been determined, you will receive a report with findings and expert advice.


EWS Pest Control supports your company by carrying out quality audits in the field of preventing problems concerning hygiene, the environment and construction. All these quality audits are carried out on the basis of the basic assumptions of IPM and all aspects of modern pest management.

These audits can be divided into the categories below:

  • Benchmark: a kick-off of a collaboration in the field of Pest management.
  • Field biologist inspection: usually part of external requirements laid down by buyers. Is also part of a quality management system for you as a client.
  • Constructional inspection: here the focus is on preventing pests by obtaining insight into access to and development in a building complex.
  • Second opinion: this can be a mix of the abovementioned inspections, to assess whether the current action plan as part of the pest management system sufficiently guarantees a pest-free environment.

After completion of the abovementioned, there is always an evaluation in the form of a wrap-up. If so desired, you also receive a report within a few weekdays that includes all findings and recommendations. This can be advice on constructional, hygienic, professional or physical factors. Subsequently, EWS Pest Control can also support you in the execution of these recommendations. This can include training your staff and the actual execution of constructional prevention measures. The latter is usually part of the start of our cooperation as part of a pest management plan.

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