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EWS Pest control portal

24/7 access to your pest management plan

Effective pest management thrives on collaboration between you, our valued customer, and us, the professionals. Central to this collaboration is our pest management plan. The advice, agreements, progress, and results stemming from this plan are all documented and accessible through the EWS portal, our online reporting system.

The EWS portal also provides a map of your location, clearly marking all monitoring points. You have 24/7 access to this information. Convenient!

Overview and insight

The EWS portal is your online go-to system for round-the-clock access to essential information. It offers a clear overview of all completed and scheduled jobs, as well as their results.

You have the flexibility to log in from anywhere and at any time. This way, your information is always readily available, streamlining paperwork and avoiding misunderstandings. With both parties having access to the same essential information, clarity and efficiency are guaranteed.

Below, you will find an overview of several functionalities. What is great about it is that the results offer valuable insights into patterns and trends. Moreover, with this information, we can continuously evaluate and enhance our approach.

This is how insight follows where overview leads. Customised entirely to fit your organization!


Get an ‘Actual overview’ of outstanding actions.


Filter and manage actions as needed. They can be sorted to ‘all’, ‘open’, ‘approved by customer/EWS’, or ‘irrelevant’.

Report pest activity

Easily report any pest sightings or activity by using the button NEW.


Access downloadable visit reports for inspections.


View monitoring sites clearly marked on the map(s) of your location(s).


Analyse catches with customizable bar charts. You can sort by ‘zone’, ‘date’ and ‘module’.


Here you can view bar graphs of the catches. You can filter by zone, date and module


Identify areas with pest problems, if any.


Reach out to our planning department with operational questions.


Access various documents, including diplomas, certificates, and product safety data sheets.


Stay informed about the dates of past and upcoming inspections.

Safety data sheets

Access current safety data sheets for chemicals used.

Extended possibilities

With the EWS portal, you are always up-to-date with the latest information and can easily report any pest activity, ensuring direct communication with us at all times.

The EWS portal also supports collaboration with our Gas measurement and Fumigation divisions, providing insights into container status and facilitating container registration and easy report downloads.

Interested in seeing how the EWS portal can benefit your organization?

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EWS Pest control specialises in solving each and every pest problem in a professional and discrete manner. EWS’ service technicians are up to date with the applicable legislation and provide the best result based on the principles of Integrated Pest Management (IPM).

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