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Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

Because prevention is better than cure!

Our pest controllers, also known as IPM service technicians, are at the heart of our service. They are experienced and dedicated professionals who hold all required vocational diplomas and licenses. Moreover, they have a thorough understanding of the applicable laws and regulations, ensuring an approach that is both professional and compliant. The emphasis is on hygiene and safety, not only for humans but also for the environment.

As a result, as of 2023, the regulations regarding the use of biocides for the control of rodents were tightened. Since 2017, only certified pest controllers have been permitted to place toxic substances outdoors, and this rule extended indoors from 2023. This means that you are no longer permitted to use chemical pesticides yourself, but must always engage a certified professional for this purpose.

A new perspective on rodent management

As a certified professional, as a last resort, we can still control rats and mice using designated chemical pesticides. However, this is contingent upon applying the principles of IPM, which provide for a comprehensive approach to rodent control. First, all available preventive and non-chemical measures are implemented. Chemical methods may only be used as a last resort.

In the industry, IPM 2023 has been known as ‘A new perspective on rodent management’. The following pyramid clearly illustrates the steps involved.

What does IPM 2023 mean for you as a customer?

Firstly, pest control, or rather, pest management, cannot be a quick fix anymore. It requires a strategy, a plan – specifically, a pest management plan. And for that, you’ve come to the right place. A pest management plan is part of the partnership between you and EWS Pest control. Contact us for a free inspection. During this inspection, we will assess the nature, extent, severity, and risks of any existing infestation and provide a quote for a sustainable partnership based on IPM.

Pest management plan

Should you decide to enter into a collaboration with us, you will receive a tailor-made pest management plan including a floor plan, action plan, agreements, recommendations, and action points for you as a customer. The pest management plan is part of an integrated approach to pest management and serves as the foundation for our collaboration.
During an initial inspection, we not only assess the potential pest risks (PPRs), but also evaluate the level of hygiene, the existing physical barriers, and the quality of the housekeeping.
We identify the present animal species as well as their potential habitats and feeding grounds. Additionally, we determine the management and control measures, including chemical, all within the scope of IPM.
We implement the measures and monitor both the results and any remaining risks and threats. Based on this, we provide further advice, combined with action points, for example, in the areas of hygiene or proofing.
We regularly evaluate the results achieved and identify areas for improvement in consultation with you. Advice, agreements and other relevant information will be documented in the EWS portal, our online reporting system. This ensures that you always have insight into the current state of affairs!

Pest-proofing advice

Pests can cause damage to your building. Did you know that a mouse, for instance, can easily enter through a hole as small as half a centimeter? Ventilation openings, for example, are ideal entrances for these creatures. As are gaps under doors or in the façade.

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) prioritises pest prevention over pest control. As part of our pest management plan, we conduct a Pest Risk Assessment (PRA) which includes a structural inspection. Because often, even with simple proofing measures, pests can be kept at bay.

After the structural inspection, we offer advice on proofing. For instance, by fitting grilles or sealing gaps and cracks, your building is safeguarded against unwanted visitors. Plus, if you’re unable to establish the structural proofing yourself, you can still count on our IPM service technicians!

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EWS Pest control specialises in solving each and every pest problem in a professional and discrete manner. EWS’ service technicians are up to date with the applicable legislation and provide the best result based on the principles of Integrated Pest Management (IPM).

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