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Professional disinfection

Professional disinfection

EWS provides professional disinfection services for a range of commercial and industrial facilities. We use certified hydrogen peroxide products that kill up to 99.9% of bacteria, fungus and viruses. The treatment is sprayed with professional nebulizers which do not damage surfaces.


  • We inspect the areas that has to be treated, and delimit the areas to avoid the access until the treatment is completed;
  • All necessary equipment is thoroughly disinfected to minimize any possible cross-contamination;
  • The disinfectant solution is atomized on site to retain the power of the active ingredient;
  • The area is ventilated after treatment until all surfaces are dry;
  • When measurements show that the air quality meets the standards, the area is released

Treatment is carried out by trained personnel, equipped with the prescribed individually protective equipment.


What should you take into account?

  • All fire alarms should have a protective cover and be disabled either manually or by centrally disarming the system.
  • Ventilation systems that recirculate the air do not have to be closed. The supply of fresh air must be switched off in rooms being treated.
  • Surfaces will be exposed to the active substance for a short period but require at least 1 hour to completely dry. You will not be able to access the area during ventilation.

What should you do at your location before disinfection?
To be able to safely carry out the treatment of the office spaces and to achieve maximum effectiveness, the following steps must be carried out carefully:

  • no food products or medicines should be present in the treatment area;
  • electronic devices should be turned off;
  • all materials that can be damaged by moisture must be removed from the area to be treated, for example, paper objects and arts;
  • products that come into contact with foodstuffs such as plates and cutlery must be stored safely;
  • our employees must always have access to the treatment room and connecting areas.

Wondering how do our customers experience professional disinfection from EWS Group? Read here the story of a general practice that has created a special treatment room for (possible) corona patients

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