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Common furniture beetle


The beetles measure 2.5 mm to 5 mm in size and have a dark brown colour. They have a curved neck shield. The larvae can get about 6 mm long, are white, somewhat bent and have three pairs of legs. The eggs are white.

These insect have a complete metamorphosis, with the stages: egg, larvae, pupate, imago (adult beetle).

The common furniture beetle belongs to the dry wood borers that affect dried wood, often used in buildings. Both softwood and hardwood is affected. During the summer, the beetles exit the wood through exit openings, with a diameter of 1 – 2 mm. The males and the females then mate, after which the females lay eggs on the wood. The eggs produce larvae, that bore in the wood for about 3 years. Afterwards, the pupation phase takes place just below the wood surface. Eventually, the adult insects crawl out of the pupae, after which the cycle begins again.

The woodwork to be treated must be free from paint, wood stain etc, after which it will impregnated with a permitted substance, twice.


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