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Drug store beetle

The Drug store beetle can be found anywhere in the world. The drug store beetle feeds on food rich in starch, in which it also reproduces, such as baked cookies, dry old bread, bouillon cubes, pharmacy wares.

The adult beetle lays 50-60 eggs, preferably in a dark place. The adult beetle doesn’t consume any food and doesn’t cause any feeding damage. Food consists of products, such as bread, biscuits, cookies, macaroni, vermicelli, bouillon cubes, grain, flour, etc

When dry food is affected, you will notice holes in the products. These are the exit holes of adult beetles. Flour products may contain cocoons. These are often located against the walls or bottom of the packaging. They drill themselves out of plastic, paper and even the metal foil of the packaging to fly out.

Keep food in cool, dry areas. Use old supplies first. Don’t store supplies for a very long period of time.

Find the source! Find out what supplies are affected and destroy them. Store all other supplies in properly sealed cans or canisters.


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